What is Sketchapalooza?
Sketchapalooza is a live facebook event. Most Fridays at 9:00 pm central (unless Sonny’s at a convention) he takes orders on paypal for sketches at $10 per character. Once he has 30 orders the sale is over and he posts the results on his facebook page. You will receive the original drawing in the mail. When ordering though be sure to send the money as a gift and include your mailing address! Also during that time a number of people chat together so if you can’t buy, come chat!

Is there a limit to what you can request?
As of yet there has proven to be nothing that Sonny cannot draw (ref sheets are helpful though) and in terms of taste there has yet to be anything that has gone too far. If you are really worried ask in advance on facebook.

I don’t have paypal or money; can I get a free picture?
Sorry but time is a valuable commodity and drawings take time. Sketchapalooza prices are already a compromise as Sonny’s colored sketch cards sell for hundreds of dollars.

I have to work on Friday nights but want a sketch…what can I do?
Several people hang around sketchapalooza just to chat and not to buy art and are willing to purchase pieces for you. Just ask on facebook and see if someone offers to help.

Is there any place to see samples of Sonny’s art?

Absolutely check out his deviantart page at http://www.Sonion.deviantart.com or see his personal webpage at Sonny Strait.com.

How can I get Sonny to come to my con?
Sonny wants to come to your convention too! Have all your friends register on your convention’s chat forum. Go to the Guest suggestions thread and tell them you want Sonny! Most of the time it’s a popularity vote. The more people who say they want Sonny the more likely he is to be invited. If you don’t see a space on the forum, email the con chair.

I represent a con and would like Sonny to attend as a guest, whom should I contact?
Please contact Sonny’s agent, Shannon Galarneau at Shannon@cnbookings.com.

I’ve heard Sonny is a vegetarian, is this true?
Sonny is a pescatarian. The only meat he eats is fish so bring on the sushi.

How do I know which conventions Sonny is going to be at?
Check http://www.animecons.com or Sonny’s personal site Sonny Strait.com,/.

I am a fan of Sonny’s and would like to ask him a question, what is the best way to contact Sonny?
Add Sonny on his facebook page as he really does talk to people there (search for Sonny Strait) or if you enjoy art and talking about art add him on deviantart at http://www.Sonion.deviantart.com.

I am doing a fan dub/ anime parody/ etc and would love it if Sonny could voice one of his characters for the project, is this a possibility?
Fan dubs or anime parodies are out as it is a violation of Sonny’s contract with FUNimation. If you are wondering about a short film or other project it is best to check with Sonny or his agent Shannon.

Is Sonny currently recording more episodes of DBZ or One Piece or does he have any other series in the works?
Most projects require some level of secrecy so it is best not to ask, as you will more than likely not get an answer. Any information that can be given will more than likely be given as soon as word comes down that it is ok to share.

Can I send something to Sonny?
Sure send things to Sonny care of FUNimation at:

Sonny Strait
FUNimation Entertainment
1200 Lakeside Parkway, Building One
Flower Mound, TX 75028

I would like to be a voice actor someday, what would Sonny recommend I do?
Voice lessons, choir, acting classes are all key skills to have if you are hoping to be a voice actor. Many VA’s already have 10 years or more experience acting so get started now!

I saw on wikipedia that Sonny has drawn comic books and even manga. How can I find these pieces?
Amazon or Ebay is your best bet for any of Sonny’s comic books. However, may I point out that Sonny’s manga “We Shadows” was nominated for a Young Adult Library Services Association Great Graphic Novels for Teens Award in 2008 so it is a good starting place.

Cool, I hear Sonny was involved with Elfquest!
He was indeed. He apprenticed under Wendy Pini and did two Elfquest books during that time, Troll Games and Soul Names and Wolfshadow both collected in the graphic novel In All But Blood. Sonny is currently under to contract to write a biography about Elfquest creator Wendy Pini called Line of Beauty; The Art of Wendy Pini.