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Lots of excitement about the Sketchapalooza sale Friday night..with a lot of questions! Here’s a few answers…

-Yes! It has been a while since my last sketch sale. I believe the last one was in 2014!

-Yes! I will draw any character from anything…it can even be YOU.

-$50 per drawing. If you want more than one character on a single drawing it’s $25 for each additional character.

-No limits on number of drawings you can order. Yes, in the past I have put limits but not this time.

-You don’t have to be specific. If you want, all you have to do is tell me the name of a character. That being said I do not mind if you have something specific.

-You can write details of request in paypal notes.

-Yes, it must be done through paypal.

-Original characters (or OCs). Yes. I will draw a character you personally have created. It’s actually one of my favorite things to draw.

-No shipping costs. Even international ones.

-Sale starts Friday 8pm-Midnight (Central Time). Be watching my facebook or twitter. At 8 I will tell you my paypal address and say “Go!” and you go to paypal and place your order.

Anything I haven’t covered that you need to know? Ask here in this thread.

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