Youmacon Just Around the Corner!
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Sonny will be giving thanks with his fans at Youmacon November 3-6!

“Youmacon Just Around the Corner!”

  1. Johnna says:

    Really enjoyed Youmacon, and am really sad my husband and I couldn’t make it to your panel. By the time we heard about it from you we were already running around like chickens with our heads cut off… I’m sure it was a great panel! Feel kinda like a dumby for not even recognizing your voice in the elevator as you were kind of getting crushed by that duffel bag (that had to suck.) You voice my absolute favorite character is FMA… you really bring a lot of character to him and make everyone absolutely fall in love with him; so many were so upset when he… ya. My husband and I were so tempted to ask you to say “Have you seen these pictures of my daughter” but decided that might seem a bit… odd. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the Con as much as we did. Was great meeting you!


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